Bizmerce is short for Business & Commerce Knowledge Provider, and implies a vision as a service company that provides knowledge and insight about the entire business, rather than merely software.

Since its foundation in 2003, Bizmerce has grown steadily, focusing on SI and FTA Solutions. Today, Bizmerce occupies a 40% share of the domestic trade solution market and possesses one of the most advanced technology and outstanding quality.

Bizmerce is a market leading global company that provides a world-class Total Cloud Solution including Cloud SW & HW, by adopting cloud technology as a future growth engine.




  • Founded Bizmerce Ltd. Co.
  • Provided BPR/IS consulting service to SMBs.
  • Implemented the customs clearance project for the Korea Customs Service


  • Signed a partnership agreement with TOBESOFT (UI aspect) and DREAMSECURITY (security aspect)


  • Changed the business entity type of Bizmerce (limited company to incorporated)
  • Selected as a company specialized in the customs duty sector by LG CNS
  • Designated as a partner group member by Samsung SDS


  • Established an adjacent laboratory
  • Developed/Registered the electronic document distribution software “wiseTrans”


  • Designated as a venture business and INNOBIZ


  • Developed the wiseFTA solution and registered the developed program


  • Signed a business cooperation agreement with customs brokers (OneStop, Sein Customs & Auditing Corp, etc.)


  • Signed a comprehensive wiseFTA cooperation agreement with the Korea Customs Brokers Association
  • Signed an industry-academia cooperation agreement
  • Certified as a MAINBIZ company


  • Implemented a next-generation project for the Korea Customs Service
  • Implemented a next-generation project for KORAIL
  • Agreed to develop a FTA solution for MANDO Partners
  • Signed a trade system development agreement with the Korea Customs Brokers Association
  • Applied for patents for two items (related to trade service)
  • Obtained GS Certification for two items (wiseFTA Standard c1.0, wiseTrans v1.0)


  • Registered a patent related to hybrid cloud
  • Registered a patent related to the FTA
  • Supplied wiseCLOUD to CDNetworks


  • Obtained GS Certification for wiseCLOUD
  • Signed an MoU with LG N-Sys regarding the provision of wiseCLOUD software
  • Signed a joint business agreement with SK Co., Ltd.


CEO Yeonchol Kim

Bizmerce has laid the business foundation from developing the best technical skills in Korea with a focus on SI and FTA solutions. And we gained a foothold in the Cloud market as we leap forward, through continuous ‘innovation’ and developing ‘core technologies’.

As a leading provider of the Cloud solutions in Korea, Bizmerce will do our best to produce high-quality products and to deliver excellent services, based on our management principles – ‘Cultivating Exceptional Employees’ and ‘Cultivating Technological Innovation’.

VP of Technology Donghyuk Park

IT is being advancing quickly towards creating a Software Defined World by using Cloud Computing.

We have the best technicians with the cloud-based technologies accumulated through the development of wiseCLOUD and pentaARK.

And we will be the company offering the best products and technologies in the Smart IT Infra and Platform and Cloud and IoT field through continuously investing in research and development.


Bizmerce provides services required by customers, and creates the environment, organization, and culture that can help employees do their best in their specialized area.

The main office in Daejeon is mainly composed of research organizations that are responsible for technology and product development, and the office in Pangyo manages sales and marketing.


Bizmerce is the only company that is able to provide the world’s best total cloud solution including hardware. Bizmerce provides a total cloud solution required by enterprises and cloud service providers - from the establishment of a private cloud within the enterprise to a hybrid cloud that is linked with a public cloud.

Bizmerce Cloud Business


Bizmerce has accumulated a variety of customers in differing industries including car parts and machinery, by using the wiseFTA product line. The wiseFTA product line is the only solution that acquired GS Certification among domestic FTA solutions, and possesses two patents in the rule engine (core of the solution). Bizmerce has released and operates BPO service for the first time in Korea that is suited for SMBs which face difficulty in obtaining the benefits of FTA solely through the use of a specific solution.
  • wiseFTA Solution Architecture

  • FTA BPO Service Overview

  • wiseFTA Solution Architecture

  • FTA BPO Service Overview

System Integration

Bizmerce has successfully implemented many projects in the public and trade sector, based on having the best experts in the industry and extensive partnerships.

Bizmerce SI Capability & Area

IT Consulting

  • Providing IT consulting that fits a specific customer through EA consulting, informatization strategy planning and consulting, and RFI/RFP support.

Trade SI

  • Providing customized service based on years of experience in the trade business and through operating overseas businesses
  • Hired key personnel related to customs duty and trade business
  • Providing a total trade solution and SI service based on internal trade solutions

Public SI

  • Successfully implemented the next-generation project and maintenance project of various public institutions
  • Secured a wide customer base, including the Small and Medium Business Administration, National Railroad Administration, and Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • Operation and network management of the National Computing and Information Agency
  • Established a cooperation system with conglomerate IT companies, such as LG, Samsung, and SK

Web/Mobile App Development

  • Developing mobile Apps that satisfy the enterprise requirement
  • Developing a network system that applies to the utilization of enterprise App
  • Developing a homepage based on open source CMS

Career Info

Job Sector

  • Engineer
  • Global Marketer
  • Sales Engineer

Hiring Process

The hiring process pertains to the hiring of recent college graduates, and the content and method of evaluating job competency are different, depending on the hiring type (experienced or new employee).
  • Step 1Application

    Introducing jobs at the job fair

  • Step 2Document Screen

    Reviewing received documents

  • Step 3First interview

    Working group interview (job and related technical skills)

  • Step 4Second interview

    Director interview (personality)

  • Final stepOffer

    New employee training

Hiring Process

The hiring process pertains to the hiring of recent college graduates, and the content and method of evaluating job competency are different, depending on the hiring type (experienced or new employee).

Hiring schedule

  • Please send your documents to
  • The results of the screening and review will be notified to each applicant.

Role Model Employee

  • Creative Employee

    Those who continuously seek to improve themselves and pursue something new through ongoing training and education for personal skill development. Those who optimize the level of information, participate in the innovation movement of the organization, and seek for innovation by fostering a macroscopic view about all of entire society.

  • Challenging Employee

    Those who are not afraid of failure or having to undergo trial and error, identify the problem, set up a new target, and do business in a positive manner by applying a new business performance method. Those who are not afraid of changes and possess the attitude of utilizing change as an opportunity for development.

  • Dedicated Employee

    Those who clearly understand their roles and position in the organization, possess and exhibit enthusiasm about their work, and place emphasis on order and harmony in the organization. Those who care about the environment, fulfill their social responsibilities, take the initiative in maintaining order in society, and serve society as a whole.

HR System

  • Principles in Personnel management

    Fair and objective personal management standards based on ability Personnel reshuffling in consideration of personal aptitude and preferences

  • Job Types

    Office clerk, sales, engineer, researcher

  • Promotion

    Fair evaluation based on achievements and capabilities, and an objective and reasonable promotion system

Welfare Benefits

  • Device Support

    Providing devices or specialty publications needed for business to improve training and practices.
  • Family Event Support

    Wreaths for the purposes of congratulations and condolences are provided in case of a family event occurring while accommodating related personal leave. The employee association provides further support.
  • Retirement Pension System

    A retirement pension system has been introduced and implemented to support the retirement of employees.
  • Self-development Support

    The company supports the purchase of specialty publications and participation in conferences and seminars to help with the self-development of individuals.

Contact Us


Pankyo HQ

  • Address(13488) 9F ATEC building 289 Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel070-4716-3982
  • Fax02-6253-0342

Daejeon HQ

  • Address(35203) 6F Sinju B/D 400 Daedeok-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea
  • Tel042-471-9597
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